One of our core objectives is to support sustainable development by financing the transition to renewable energy.


wind, solar and energy storage portfolio capacity, including development projects

1,353,874 tonnes

actual reduction in carbon dioxide in 2022* 

541,100 households

Actual electricity supplied in 2022 equals annual consumption of 541,100  households* 

* Calculations are based on operative project level information. Carbon dioxide reductions and household supplied are calculated by using the European Investment Bank and third party's assured methodology.


Sustainable Investment

We incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies throughout the investment process and in asset management. We engage positively with landowners and relevant stakeholders such as local communities. 

Our investments create significant employment during the construction and operation of the power plants. Additionally, the investments improve local infrastructure and the electrical grid.

We have built a proprietary Environmental and Social Management System to identify, manage, monitor and report environmental and social impacts throughout the life of the investments.


EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Taaleri Energia Funds Management is covered by the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. This regulation introduces greater transparency and access to information on sustainability for investors.

The funds contribute to sustainable investment objectives through the construction and production of renewable energy; therefore, contributing to significant CO2 emission offsets.

Please refer to our ESG Policy for further information on our internal processes and fund specific websites  for sustainability disclosures.


Good Governance

Taaleri Energia follows good governance practices and complies with
all applicable national, local, and EU-level laws and regulations, and adheres to Taaleri Plc’s Code of Conduct, Sustainability Risk Policy, and Sustainability Policy as well as own ESG Policy, and Remuneration Policy.  

Taaleri Energia strives, whenever possible, to ensure that our business partners follow principles that are consistent with our policies, principles, and our Partner Code of Conduct. Generally, business partners are carefully selected, and we do not operate or enter into business relationships with parties that violate laws or good business practices.  

Our investees are required to commit to reporting financial and other information and to develop and put in place appropriate processes for managing and documenting good governance practices. 


Memberships & Commitments

Taaleri Group is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.

We are a member of the Finnish Sustainable Investment Forum (FINSIF) and FIBS - Finnish Business & Society, the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries that strives to accelerate responsible business and related expertise.

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