Taaleri Energia announces the Taaleri SolarWind III Fund

Taaleri Energia announces the Taaleri SolarWind III Fund. The Fund will be classified as an Article 9 “Dark Green” Fund, the highest sustainability category under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

The Fund’s investment strategy will be to acquire, develop, contract, construct, operate and exit a portfolio of utility scale onshore wind farms, photovoltaic solar parks and battery storage assets across the Fund’s target markets - the Nordics & Baltics, Poland, Southeast Europe, Iberia and Texas. The Fund will target a return of 10% net IRR, over its 10-year term, and a first close is expected in early 2023.

The Fund will be seeded with a portfolio of 25-35 development projects which are being acquired using the EUR 44 million in development financing that Taaleri Energia secured in 2021.

Taaleri Energia has, to date, acquired 17 development projects for the Fund’s seed portfolio. If these projects were all to reach ready-to-build status during the Fund’s investment period, they would represent 3 GW of installed electricity generating capacity and require EUR 930 million in Fund and co-investor equity to construct.

Taaleri Energia has secured exclusivity on a further 15 development projects across its target markets and will continue to acquire projects up until the first close of the Fund.

It is expected that the Fund will offer significant co-investment opportunities to the Fund’s investors.  

The Taaleri SolarWind III Fund is Taaleri Energia’s sixth renewable energy Fund and builds on the experience and track record of the team built up over the past 12 years. The current SolarWind II Fund (2019) is over 90% committed and has completed 11 investments in Croatia, Finland (3), Lithuania (3), Norway, Poland, Spain and Texas.

“The SolarWind III Fund strategy follows on from the success of the SolarWind II Fund. We are operating in the same target markets, working together with the same strategic partners, but starting with a large seed portfolio of development projects. The demand for renewable energy projects across our target markets has increased significantly over recent years, with a marked additional increase in demand over the past 12 months. By securing development projects early we have been able to lock in considerable potential future value for the SolarWind III Fund,” comments Kai Rintala, Managing Director, Taaleri Energia.

“Sustainability and impact measurement are increasingly important for investors. The SolarWind III Fund’s investments will have significant and sustainable positive impacts in the countries and local communities where they are constructed. The renewable energy power and storage plants that the Fund will develop and build will offset millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, reduce air pollution, improve grid infrastructure, create local employment, generate local and state tax revenues and increase energy security,” said Stephen Ross, Head of Investor Relations, Taaleri Energia.

About Taaleri Energia

Taaleri Energia is a renewable energy developer and fund manager. With 45 professionals, our team has grown significantly over the past 5 years and is now one of the largest and most capable dedicated renewables investment teams in Europe. The team is currently investing its fifth renewable energy fund, the Taaleri SolarWind II fund, and has a 1.8 GW under construction and operational wind and solar portfolio in Europe, the US, and the Middle East.

Taaleri Energia is ranked by Preqin as one of the most consistent top performing infrastructure fund managers.

Taaleri Energia is part of the Taaleri Group, which is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.


For more information, please contact:
Kai Rintala, Managing Director, Taaleri Energia, 358 40 162 5711,kai.rintala@taaleri.com
Stephen Ross, Head of Investor Relations, Taaleri Energia, 358 40 7337789, stephen.ross@taaleri.com


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